Build your own retirement planning guidebook in two sessions

Retirement should offer a soft landing and peace of mind. If you’re looking to retire within the next 15 years, you’re likely getting ready to make some crucial decisions about your finances and lifestyle. Many of the decisions you’ll make about your retirement plan can’t easily be changed or reversed.

It’s important to understand your options, plan ahead, and prepare carefully. The best way to stay on track is with a personalized retirement planning guidebook.

Build your own retirement planning guidebook

Much like parenthood, retirement doesn’t come with a manual that’s specific to your circumstances, concerns, and goals…unless you make one. Fortunately, there are excellent resources available to help you write your own retirement planning guide while developing a deeper understanding of the topics that matter most to you.

A two-session educational course from the Financial Educators Network is a low-investment, high-upside opportunity to develop a personalized retirement plan. In our popular Retirement Planning Today® course, licensed instructors help you to plan for retirement, organize your finances and develop a personalized plan that empowers you to reach your long-term goals. The knowledge you’ll gain in just two sessions can deliver rewards throughout your lifetime.

Topics to cover in your personalized guidebook

In just 4 to 6 hours of classroom or virtual instruction, you’ll learn enough to construct an individualized financial plan for ambitious retirement goals. Courses immerse you in important core topics spread across two sessions in eight easy-to-understand sections.

The topics covered in these eight sections make up a great framework for your plan:

Session 1

  • Section 1 – Life Planning for Retirement
  • Section 2 – Retirement Needs & Expenses
  • Section 3 – Retirement Roadblocks & Mistakes
  • Section 4 – Retirement Income Sources
  • Section 5 – Retirement Plan Distributions

Session 2

  • Section 6 – Investments
  • Section 7 – Risk Management & Asset Protection
  • Section 8 – Estate Planning

As a part of the course, all attendees receive a comprehensive workbook so that you can follow along, keep notes, and revisit key concepts. You’ll take this resource home with you in addition to all coursework on retirement planning decisions that you address during the course.

Objective retirement education from licensed practitioners

The interactive, lecture-based format of Retirement Planning Today® is the perfect opportunity to pick the brains of a practicing retirement expert. All courses are taught by licensed and certified instructors who are also practicing financial advisors outside of the classroom. There’s no better resource for retirement planning questions — especially in an educational setting with no sales pitch. Our instructors never promote a financial product. They’re here to help you align your values and priorities with your finances for a comfortable and sustainable retirement.

If you need more personalized guidance or forgot to ask something during the two-session course, your instructor will also be available for a private lab session. This is a complimentary service that is available for attendees but never required. Meet with your instructor for an optional one-hour lab session to make the most of their years of experience and get all the information you need for your retirement planning guidebook.

Find your course

Every course from the Financial Educators Network is designed to deliver unbiased guidance custom-catered to your unique situation. Create a personalized plan with the tools and resources provided during the course and make more informed decisions as you plan your retirement. Find your course here or get in touch today and we can answer any questions about the course.

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