Discover how to build wealth in your 50s in just two sessions

Many people think of wealth-building as a youth pursuit. It’s true that investments made early will grow exponentially (which is why wealth accumulation works best as a long-term project). However, your peak earning years happen later in life, and are an optimal period for making sensible investments, stamping out debts, and topping up pension accounts.

You can discover how to build wealth in your 50s and create a comfortable financial cushion for retirement and beyond. But where to start? There’s a lot to learn. Investment advisors recommend looking further into proven strategies for maximizing your personal wealth, such as:

  • Maxing out your higher caps on contributions to 401(k), 403(b), SARSEP, and 457(b)
  • Taking advantage of catch-up contributions to Roth or Traditional IRAs
  • Clearing out remaining debts (mortgage, student loans, vehicle payments, etc.)
  • Reviewing your investment portfolio to reduce risk and insulate against market volatility
  • Planning ahead for a long retirement so you don’t outlive your retirement funds

You’ll be best equipped to tackle these and other financial matters with the guidance of an experienced financial professional, but there are certainly lessons you can take with you and handle on your own. It’s easy to get started on the right path in as few as two sessions of a financial education course on how to build wealth in your 50s.

Master private wealth management with a course from FEN

The Financial Educators Network (FEN) invites you to explore course options and join an instructor-led course tailored to the specific financial needs of peak-career professionals. Our courses are taught exclusively by certified, licensed Investment Advisors (RIAs) with FINRA-reviewed course materials. 

We connect adults with wealth management courses, free of high pressure sales tactics — your instructor will never promote a financial product. The focus is 100% on upskilling course attendees and empowering you to take control of your financial future.

Your two-session course on how to build wealth in your 50s

Get started with 6 hours of financial mastery education, spread across two sessions, in an interactive, lecture-based course. You’ll be immersed in 65 core topic areas that have been laid out in six easy-to-follow sections.

Topics covered in a personal wealth management course with FEN include:

  • The latest changes to tax rules & tax-advantaged investment vehicles
  • How to integrate your finances with your goals & values
  • Barriers to wealth accumulation
  • Managing your family’s finances
  • Investment strategies
  • Risk management

The classroom prepared you for your career. Now it can teach you how to accumulate wealth for what comes next. Explore our course offerings and discover how a single financial education course with FEN can help you build your wealth — in your 50s and beyond.

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