How to set goals (and achieve them) with wealth management courses

The public education system rarely provides adequate education on personal finances and financial planning. Most Americans still don’t live in states that require students to learn about personal financial planning or even basic financial literacy topics. 

As a result, 73% of people with high financial literacy scores claim that they’ve needed to teach themselves through personal experience. The right experiences can be hard to come by and fraught with risk when you’re taking a trial and error approach. This may be a major reason why only 3 in 7 Americans are financially literate — and only 33% of adults worldwide.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s possible to get your financial health on the right track with proven wealth management courses online and in classrooms at colleges, universities, and high schools nationwide.

Set goals you can really achieve with experienced instruction

Licensed and certified course instructors — who are practicing financial advisors outside of the classroom — are the best possible resource for all of your personal wealth planning questions. All courses with the Financial Educators Network (FEN) are taught by experienced real-world financial practitioners, completely free of sales collateral or promotion of financial products.

Our instructors are trained to teach course attendees how to set achievable financial goals and provide you with the tools you need to set a course for a successful future. Take home valuable workbooks and other resources at the conclusion of the course, along with a personalized financial plan that is aligned with your values and priorities.

Need additional guidance? Forgot to ask something important during class? Your instructor is also available to meet privately with any course attendees after the course is complete for an optional one-hour private lab session. This is a complimentary service at no additional charge and is never required. 

Make the most of your access to a professional with years of experience in financial services and get all of the information you need in an objective, educational environment.

Wealth management courses online are increasingly popular

It’s possible to reinforce financial goals without an in-person course and full classroom attendance (although this is always an option). Wealth management courses online with the Financial Educators Network platform are a popular method of improving financial literacy in a comfortable virtual format. Since 2020, online seminars with FEN have grown by 20% as attendees continue to discover the simplicity and convenience of courses they can take from home.

All of our personal financial planning courses provide an interactive classroom environment in which attendees are encouraged to participate and ask questions about circumstances unique to their financial situations.

It takes more than money to achieve your goals and lead a “rich” life

Purposeful wealth planning and goal-setting are cornerstones of a healthy and successful financial future. Whether you’re looking down the road to retirement or already retired, focused wealth management courses are a low-commitment, high-upside opportunity to get your money working for you. 

It only takes several sessions to learn the fundamentals of how to re-organize your spending, debts, and investments to align with your values and long-term goals. Once you do, you can reap the rewards of a sustainable retirement filled with memorable adventures.

Find a course near you or identify the perfect virtual option from our course selection at FEN and achieve your financial goals today.

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